How does Kazakhstan work

How does Kazakhstan work

On October 7th, at the Aula of the Parliamentary Groups of the Chamber of Deputies, was held the conference “How does Kazakhstan work? Law and representation in the largest Central Asian Republic” organized by IsAG in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Italy.

The conference – chaired by Dr. Dario Citati, Director of the Program “Eurasia”- was focused on institutional framework of Kazakhstan. Meeting was attendance by Italian specialists and a representative of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

The President – Adolfo Urso – has focused his speech on the major social, environmental and economic aspects that differentiate Kazakhstan from Italy. In particular he said that Kazakhstan has managed in order to build a multi-ethnic state with respect for minorities and it is a model for Italy that began as ethnically united but is now facing new challenges posed by an increasingly multiethnic and multicultural.

Furthermore Urso said that Kazakhstan has demonstrated the ability to solve the harsh of his territory thanks to changing of the capital from a location peripheral to a central point of territory.

At the same time, Urso highlighted some critical elements: Kazakhstan has natural resources and raw materials but has not sufficiently diversified the sources of its economic growth so far proving to depend on disproportionately from these materials.

However, he said, Italy is a valid interlocutor even with different countries.

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