Cuba: una nuova frontiera del business

CubaGestion_Bkground_189156599 Carissimo,     desidero anticiparTi il prossimo seminario organizzato da Italy World Services, in collaborazione con Confindustria Venezia, Camera di Commercio Venezia e Rovigo Delta Lagunare, il Consorzio Invexport, Padova Promex e Italy World Services sul tema: “Cuba: una nuova frontiera per il business” – che si terrà in data 10 febbraio p.v. presso Confindustria Venezia – Marghera.   A breve seguirà il programma dettagliato ed il link per l’iscrizione.       Cordialmente Adolfo Urso

An MOU was signed between Atiyeh Saba Investment Co. and politecnico delle scarpe e della calzatura university for establishing Shoe and Bag Design Co

432485394IMG_3454 The MOU for establishing Shoe and Bag Design College with cooperation of Atiyeh Saba Investment Co. and politecnico delle scarpe e della calzatura university was signed in a joint meeting between Mr. Ahmadreza Nikkar Esfahani, Atiyeh Saba Investment Co.’s CEO, and Mr. Adolfo Urso, politecnico delle scarpe e della calzatura university’s authorized representative. In the joint meeting, Mr. Ahmadreza Nikkar Esfahani, Atiyeh Saba Investment Co.’s CEO, meantime appreciating re-attendance of Mr. Adolfo Urso and his accompanying team, announced his agreement with politecnico delle scarpe e della Calzatura University’s proposal and said: “we are trying to do our best to officially launch ‘first International Academy of Hospitality and Tourism in Isfahan, Iran’ and ‘Shoe and Bag Design College’ at the same time, hence, we request politecnico delle scarpe e della calzatura university to initiate their researches as soon as possible.” Atiyeh Saba Investment Co.’s CEO added: “our first step students, for attending training courses, are melli shoe company manufacturer because we are trying to promote quality and standard level of shoe manufacturing in order to manufacture according to defined standards, appropriate quality and up to dated design.” Mr. Ahmadreza Nikkar Esfahani referring to Melli shoe’s customers and target market pointed: “one of Atiyeh Saba Investment Co.’s plans and goals are changing some of Melli shoe chain of stores to chain of Cafés and restaurants and some Melli shoe products will be displayed. As a result youngsters and pensioners are the first and most important customers and training courses should be according to their tastes and demands.” Mr. Adolfo Urso, authorized representative of politecnico delle scarpe e della calzatura university indicated the importance of examination by this university and said: “One important issue in establishing this college is doing examination by this university and Italian instructors in order to discover not only Iran’s demands but also manufacturing shoe and tanning’s processes.” He also said: “in order to accelerate producing up to dated shoe and bag, we can start using Italian shoe and bag designs and lasts while providing training courses by Italian instructors.” It’s worth mentioning the MOU for establishing Shoe and Bag Design College with cooperation of Atiyeh Saba Investment Co. and politecnico delle scarpe e della calzatura university was signed in the joint meeting and it was appointed to provide Shoe and Bag Design College preparations during next two months.

How does Kazakhstan work

On October 7th, at the Aula of the Parliamentary Groups of the Chamber of Deputies, was held the conference “How does Kazakhstan work? Law and representation in the largest Central Asian Republic” organized by IsAG in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Italy. The conference - chaired by Dr. Dario Citati, Director of the Program "Eurasia"- was focused on institutional framework of Kazakhstan. Meeting was attendance by Italian specialists and a representative of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. The President – Adolfo Urso – has focused his speech on the major social, environmental and economic aspects that differentiate Kazakhstan from Italy. In particular he said that Kazakhstan has managed in order to build a multi-ethnic state with respect for minorities and it is a model for Italy that began as ethnically united but is now facing new challenges posed by an increasingly multiethnic and multicultural. Furthermore Urso said that Kazakhstan has demonstrated the ability to solve the harsh of his territory thanks to changing of the capital from a location peripheral to a central point of territory. At the same time, Urso highlighted some critical elements: Kazakhstan has natural resources and raw materials but has not sufficiently diversified the sources of its economic growth so far proving to depend on disproportionately from these materials. However, he said, Italy is a valid interlocutor even with different countries.

Azerbaijan, what opportunities beyond Tap

Azerbaijan is a very interesting market for Italian companies, in fact it has a dynamic Growth Rates (+ 5.3%, GDP growth estimated for 2013), several power sourcesand a sovereign fund (SOFAZ) with large possibility of investment. The country has good political situation and general security. Also conditions of insurability by SACE provide full opening on three types of risk (sovereign, banking and private). For five years, Italy was the first trading partner of Azerbaijan and bilateral relations are intense and in development. Azarbaijan was the subject of various government missions: Deputy Minister for Economic Development Adolfo Urso (2010) with a delegation of more than 50 companies and, most Recently, the Mission of the President Letta. Letta has focused his mission on project of the Trans-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) that will connect Greece to the southern coasts of Italy - passing through Albania and the Adriatic Sea – so gas coming from the Caspian Sea will reach directly the European Markets. In order to increase presence of Italian companies in the country, will be on November the Business Mission to Baku organized by Confindustria, Ance and Federpogetti. The objective of the mission is to explore market of Oil&Gas, Industry and Infrastructure and buildings. For intercept real business opportunity, IWS is organizing a scouting mission in Azerbaijan.  

Discovering Turkmenistan

Last January Iws led a mission of entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan in order to open new economic relationships. The opening of diplomatic channels will bring a greater collaboration between countries with reference to the aspect of government as well economic and commercial. Turkmenistan is a country very difficult to deal with, there is the cult of the President and each decision is taken directly from him. The country is also the second largest producer of gas in the world, so it is economically capable of being able to invest in many sectors: infrastructure, transport, tourism, safety, environment. Several Italian companies are already working in Turkmenistan since the fall of the Soviet Union. During the meetings organized by Iws with government ministers emerged the various areas where Italian companies can compete with other foreign companies present. In the construction sector, Ashgabat, is characterized by the presence of Turkish and French companies; however the province seems still to offer interesting opportunities on public sector (hospitals, sports centers, logistics centers) and on the rail and road infrastructure. The rail system is expanding and recently are doubled railway lines. However the rail transport system is still unsuitable. There is also need to adapt the terminal exchange at the border between Turkmenistan and Iran in order to permit the passage of trains to the international gauge. In the coming years, the government also intends to improve the airport industry. The tourism sector is constantly developing, especially in the area of Caspian Sea where it was built hotels. Currently lacking infrastructure for entertainment. Turkmenistan is an important country, rich and with many opportunities for growth and for business development of Italian companies. Thanks to know-how and experience – focusing on technology sector- Italian companies are able to compete with foreign companies already present.

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